And, in particular, what educational mobile apps are made with Adobe AIR?

At Brightworks one of our specialties is creating educational apps using AIR. AIR takes Flash content and transforms it into mobile apps for Android and iOS. If you’re evaluating cross-platform mobile development platforms, AIR is one of the options that you should consider.

In general, comparing cross-platform technologies is challenging at best. One way to approach this challenge is to look at apps that have been created using each of the technologies that you are considering.

In this blog post we’ll try to maintain a list of URLs for pages that list mobile apps created with AIR. As we’re particularly interested in educational apps we’ll also point out those resources that will help you identify educational apps created with AIR.

But before you look at the lists below, we suggest that you do some research on the Android app section of Google’s Play Store. It’s fairly easy to search the Play Store for AIR apps. Here’s how:

  • The Play Store allows you to search for apps by their “application ID”.
  • The app ID for Android apps made with AIR will usually (always?) start with “air.”
  • The next part of an app ID will usually consist of a “reverse domain name”, e.g. apps made by Brightworks would have an ID starting with “”
  • Given that this is the case, you can search the Play Store for “”, “” and “”  The “org” and “edu” options will probably yield a higher percentage of educational apps than those you’ll find with “”
  • Once you’ve identified apps that you’re interested in exploring you can head over to the Apple app store and see if they’re also listed there. If so, there’s an excellent chance that these apps were written once using AIR, then published to both platforms. You may want to explore specific apps on both platforms and see how similar the two versions are, what their differences are, etc.

We’re guessing that some (many?) of the links below used this very technique to find the apps that they list. In fact, we learned about this technique on the page.

Here’s the list. Only the first link focuses on educational apps:

If you can suggest other links please let us know. Also, if you’ve created an educational mobile app using Adobe AIR, please let us know in a comment.




2 Responses to “What Mobile Apps are made with Adobe AIR?”

  1. luca mezzalira Says:

    Check VideoScribe on iOS or on desktop as well ->

  2. Ged Says:

    Hi Douglas, is an award winning home math tutor for ages 5 to 11. Built with Flashbuilder / Air, it works on ipad, android tablets and in browsers.

    We’ve been happy with performance and it all comes from one main codebase – aside from the “stub projects”

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